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Williams Invokes "Competitor Candidate Standing" to Strike and Disqualify Ted "Canadian" Cruz From 9 State Ballots.  Williams Promises Litigation to Invalidate Fraudulent Elections If Mr. Cruz Is Not Disqualified.  

As a declared (and formally registered/recognized) Candidate in nine (9) primary states, Victor Williams has formally lodged a Ballot Disqualification Charges against "Canadian" Cruz in each of those later-primary states. 

Each filing charges that Ted Cruz obtained ballot access by fraudulently representing his eligibility for the presidency.

Each of the charges demand the state's Secretary of State provide Williams with immediate remedy for this ballot fraud which injures Williams in concrete and particularized ways.

Williams seeks to have Ted "Canadian" Cruz struck from the primary ballot in  California, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Washington,  Wisconsin.

Williams demands the Secretary of State in each state  disqualify Ted Cruz (a/k/a Rafael Edward Cruz) from the presidential primary.  

Each charge asserts that Mr. Cruz has fraudulently represented himself as constitutionally qualified for the Office of President and has gained ballot access in each state by such fraud.  


New Jersey presents the most interesting opportunity for the prosecution of Williams' disqualification charge against Mr. Cruz.

The deadline for filing New Jersey signature petitions is April 4 and all opposition challenges to such petitions are due four days later.  Thus Williams formal opposition charge waits for Mr. Cruz when he files his New Jersey petition packages.

Tellingly the New Jersey Secretary of State's "PETITION FILING INSTRUCTION SHEET 2016 PRIMARY ELECTION CHOICE FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES" explicitly warns potential candidates of the qualification requirements for the presidency:

Pursuant to the Constitution of the United States, Article II, Section I, Clause 4, to qualify as a candidate for the office of President, you must meet the following qualifications:

   *  shall have attained the age of 35 years by the day of                the swearing into office
   *  a United States resident for at least fourteen years by              the day of the swearing into office
   *  a natural born citizen of the United States

Each candidate should read and follow petition instructions carefully in order to ensure that the petition is accepted for filing for the office of President.

And New Jersey election law (Title 19, Section 23 of the New Jersey statutes) mandates that Ted Cruz will have to attach a "certificate" to his petitions containing 1000 signatures personally attesting that he is constitutionally qualified for the office:

"19:23-15.  Accompanying the petition and attached thereto each person indorsed therein shall file a certificate, stating that he is qualified for the office mentioned in the petition; that he consents to stand as a candidate for nomination at the ensuing primary election, and that if nominated, he agrees to accept the nomination."

By his own admission as to his Canadian birth and resulting Canadian citizenship (until May 2014), Mr. Cruz will be committing a fraud on the good people of New Jersey when he signs that certificate. If the certificate is signed under oath, it is perjury?

But what happens if New Jersey's Secretary of State (Kim Guadagno) fails to timely remove the ineligible Mr. Cruz from the ballot.  Again, New Jersey election law (Title 19, Section 3) provides the clear answer:

"19:3-7. If any candidate for nomination for or election to any public office or party position, or his campaign manager, shall fail to file any statement or oath required by this Title to be filed, at the time, place and in the manner required by this Title, and duly verified as herein required, or shall file any  false statement, the nomination or election of such candidate, if nominated or  elected at the primary or other election concerning which such statement shall  have been filed, shall be null and void.


Picture of a Birth Certificate Worth a 1000 Words

Mr. Cruz's publicly available Canadian birth certificate -- which proves beyond doubt his Calgary, Alberta, Canada birth -- also proves his serial acts of ballot fraud in states all across America.

It is now well known that Ted Cruz is not constitutionally qualified under the “natural born citizen” requirement of Article II, Section 1 for the Office of President or the Office of the Vice-President. 

Mr. Cruz knows he is not eligible; indeed, Ted Cruz did not even bother to renounce his Canadian citizenship until May 2014 (after he decided to run for President).

Each Ballot Charge of Disqualification warns that if Ted Cruz is not timely disqualified from the state’s primary ballot,  Williams can invoke his “competitor Candidate standing” to initiate litigation  and/or to intervene in any preexisting adjudication. 

The goal of such litigation will be to either ex ante strike Mr. Cruz from the state's primary ballot, or ex post invalidate the election results thus releasing any Cruz-pledged delegate from their legal obligation to vote for the illegitimate, fraudulent Ted Cruz on the first Cleveland Convention ballot.  

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