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Speaker Ryan, Honor Your January 13 Pledge!  Endorse Trump  -- Now.

Ryan's petulant reluctance to honor his January 13 pledge to endorse Donald Trump -- made on national television -- is not acceptable from a Republican leader.

If Speaker Ryan Hedges Fulfillment of his January Endorsement Pledge, the Convention Chair and his House Seat are Gone.

Contrast the Republican Loyalty of Governor Chris Christie -- Trump's Transition Chair.


BETHESDA, Md., May 10, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Speaker Paul Ryan's Wisconsin congressional seat is now in play. Washington, D.C. law professor Victor Williams warns that Ryan will be Cantored if the Speaker hedges on his January pledge to endorse Donald Trump.

In response to a direct question from the Today Show's Matt Lauer, on January 13, asking if the Speaker would support Donald Trump as the GOP nominee, Ryan solemnly pledged:

"Yes, I will. I'll support whoever our nominee is." 

Ryan deliberately "blindsided" our party's presumptive nominee with his recent reluctance.

"Paul Davis Ryan can be easily replaced – as the Cleveland Convention ceremonial chair and as Wisconsin's first district congressman," Williams asserted.

Contrast Paul Ryan's Reluctance with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's Immediate Endorsement.  Chris Christie is the Model of a Loyal 2016 Republican. 

"Where is Speaker Ryan's honor?  Does a solemn, public pledge mean nothing?  And what about honoring the millions of Republican voters, in state after state, who chose Trump? 

Williams contrasts Paul Ryan's reluctance with the honorable conduct of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.  As a former competitor, Christie not only immediately endorsed Trump but then actively campaigned for him. 

Now Governor Christie has stepped-up to the arduous task of serving as Team Trump's Transition Chair.  "Chris Christie is the model 2016 Republican," Williams said.

Williams Remains Trump's Last GOP Competitor to Resolve the New Jersey Cruz Ballot Eligibility Litigation. But Williams is Already Planning a HUGE Trump Endorsement.

Victor Williams is the law professor who launched an anti-Cruz "write-in" campaign for the nomination establishing "competitor candidate standing" to legally challenge the Canadian-born Ted Cruz's ballot eligibility.

Williams is playing out the resulting litigation (Williams v. Cruz) in a New Jersey appellate court in attempt to bring final resolution to the "natural born Citizen" controversy, and to remind that the Vice-President nominee must also be eligible.

Thus Victor Williams --  an early Trump supporter -- will remain a formal, legal  candidate during the litigation's progress. 

Even as Trump's last GOP competitor, however, Williams is actively planning how best to celebrate his own formal endorsement of the presumptive nominee. 

Paul Ryan Should Remember Eric Cantor

Ryan needs a loud wake-up call before Thursday.  

On May 7, Williams endorsed the Wisconsin representative's primary opponent Paul Nehlen.

The law professor has stopped accepting donations for his own presidential campaign, as it winds down, and has instead asked his supporters to contribute to the Nehlen campaign.  

William Kristol, the Weekly Standard, and the National Review Could Help Ryan Move Back to Wisconsin.  Anyway, the Busted, Irrelevant Journals Need a New Business Plan: "3 Ideologues and a Truck."

Professor Williams' campaign website counsels on the outcome if the Speaker fails to fully and unequivocally endorse Trump during the planned Thursday meeting.

It bears note that Donald Trump won Ryan's hometown of Janesville.  No surprise as Donald Trump in on track to win the largest total of presidential primary votes in the history of Abraham Lincoln's Grand Old Party.


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