In December 2015, Victor Williams Became a
Strong Supporter of Donald Trump for President. 
Then in March 2016, Williams Became a Formal Trump "Competitor"for the GOP Nomination in Several Late-Primary States.

As a Registered "Write-In" Candidate, Williams Established "Standing" to Sue Demanding the Removal the Ineligible Ted Cruz from the States' Ballot.

In December 2015 CUNY TV Interview, Prof. Victor Williams First Explained  Why and How Donald Trump Will Be Elected President

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Original tape date: December 9, 2015

It was in this television interview that Victor Williams first articulated how Donald Trump had two clear paths to the White House, and explained how Donald Trump would win both independent and swing voters.

Williams challenged and debated New York Magazine’s Ed Gilgore who was a critic of Donald Trump. 

[To view POTUS 2016: The Trump in the Room, click here. Professor Williams’ interview begins at 21:20.]

Williams defended the strength of Trump’s message to independent and swing voters across America who had been ignored by the established political order.

The December 2015 interview was a turning point in Prof. Williams ultimate decision to support Donald Trump for the presidency.

In January and February 2016, Williams maxed out his allowable FEC contribution limits to the Trump campaign. 

Looking for other ways to support Donald Trump's campaign, Williams, who lives in Bethesda Maryland, regularly traveled across the Potomac to do grass-roots work in the Virginia primary.  Williams personally plastered liberal Arlington Virginia with Trump yard signs.   (A former resident of Arlington, Virginia, Williams had run for the Virginia state legislature as the GOP nominee in fall 2001).

In mid-March, Williams then sought to support Mr. Trump by becoming his competitor as a write-in candidate in several late-primary states (in order to establish "competitor candidate" legal standing to challenge Ted Cruz's ballot eligibility).

The December 2015 interview also offered insights from Gwenda Blair, author of “The Trumps: Three Generations of Builders and a Presidential Candidate.” Then, Ed Kilgore of New York Magazine presented his views of Trump.

And joining for “Evidence Based Politics,” Victor Williams directly rebutted the argument of Ed Gilgore and asserted that Donald Trump had two clear paths to the presidency — with the support of swing supporters.
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To view POTUS 2016: The Trump in the Room, click here. Professor Williams’ interview begins at 21:20.