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Victor Williams' April 29th  Huffington Post Column in a personal pesponse to Ted Cruz making Carly Fiorina his Fake-Running-Mate.  

As a law student at U.C.-Hasting in San Francisco, Williams clerked for Carly Fiorina (nee Cara Carleton Sneed)'s father -- U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Joseph T. Sneed (1920-2008).


Carly Fiorina and Ted Cruz: The Daughter of Ninth Circuit Judge Joseph T. Sneed’s Unfortunate Dalliance with Genuine Extremism

by Victor Williams


Ted Cruz has many extremist policy positions — many that are particularly and purposefully harmful to women. Cruz would force a raped teenage girl to carry the resulting rape-pregnancy to term. In announcing my quixotic attempt to enter the GOP nomination contest as a “write-in” candidate (detailed best by Pema Levy of Mother Jones) to disqualify Cruz from the late-primary state ballots, I referenced Cruz’s extremism.


Perhaps 2016 is indeed the year of the outsider, the academic effort garnered much media and citizen interest.

So little wonder that Senator Cruz picked Carly Fiorina as his fake-running- mate. But Carly Fiorina can not explain away Cruz’s many extremist, anti-women policy positions. She started off with a few problems of her own.

And someone needs to break the news to the Princeton-man and Harvard-lawyer that adding the Texas-born Fiorina to the mix does not cure his (Canadian-born) constitutional ineligibility to be Commander-in-Chief.

Personal Disclosure: An Exceptionally and Personally High Regard for the Father of Carly Fiorina (nee Cara Carleton Sneed).

While a first-year law student at University of California-Hastings in San Francisco, I had had the honor of clerking (externing) for Ms. Fiorini’s father, the great Ninth Circuit- U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Joseph T. Sneed, III (1920- 2008).

Although Joe Sneed preferred that his clerks be “natural-born” from Texas, the appellate judge made an exception for me as a natural-born Arkansan. It was sufficient that my too-sweet—for-this-world mother (Hazel Juanita Jonas) had been born in Tyler, Texas - and that I acknowledged, during my interview for the clerkship, that Tyler, Texas remained the “Rose Capitol of the World.”


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