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Every State in the Union (and Washington D.C.) should have a formal predicate ballot access requirement of birth certificate and 14 years residence proof of Article II, Section 1 eligibility.

This requirement could easily be implemented by a simple one-sentence addition to each State's existing election laws.

All potential presidential candidates (primary and general) would not be allowed to apply for ballot access, or even begin gathering signatures for required petitions, until they produced their birth certificates and provided formal proof of their soil residency.

A defined period and process would allow for any person to challenge to the validity of such offered proof of age and the two-prong "soil test" -- born "on the soil" and 14 years residence "on the soil."

Victor Williams will start the process (despite temporary technological incompetence) here by producing an image of his Arkansas birth certificate proving his "birth on the soil" and attesting that his Washington, D.C. employment records together with real property records in Montgomery County, Maryland and Arlington County, Virginia will prove 14 years residency "on the soil."