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More About Professor Victor Williams

Victor Williams is a longtime attorney and law professor in Washington, D.C.  An early supporter of Donald Trump,   Professor Williams  launched a pro-Trump Super PAC to rally lawyers and law professors to the Trump movement:

                     "GOP Lawyers Super PAC"


After completing a federal judicial clerkship, Williams began teaching law in 1992. He has been a prolific author of both scholarly and popular articles.  

Over the past four presidencies, Professor Williams has supported and defended the President's Article II Executive authority -- particularly in the area of appointments and foreign policy.  Williams has done so without regard to the sitting President's political party.

Victor Williams acknowledges that he attempted to support and defend Barack Obama for several years-- hoping that President Obama would rise to demands of his office.  Sadly, President Obama consistently failed to do so.  Beyond just weak, Obama has proven himself, his Administration, and indeed his Democrat Party to be incompetent.

As best, worst evidence: On March 22, 2016, ISIS struck our NATO Ally Belgium in a horrendous act of barbarism. It was the latest brutal attack against Europe, the latest attack against Modernity by radical Islamic terrorists.  

During the hours after the attack, President Barack Obama playfully lounged the afternoon away at a Cuban baseball game with Communist thug Rauol Castro.

We must replace the feckless, weak Barack Obama with a strong, determined 45th President. Nothing less than the security of our nation and the future of Europe is at stake.

The Democrats offer the equally-weak, hopelessly-flawed Hillary Clinton.  Clinton is directly responsible for the debacle in Libya, and she was a key player in failed Obama Administration. 

Even if Hillary Clinton is not  criminally indicted (as she should be) for violating national security laws, the former Secretary of State is just not an acceptable Commander-in-Chief.

In June 2014, Williams Launched a Civic Engagement and Legal Reform Project ]

Professor Williams' Disruptive Justice academic, civic engagement endeavor emphasizes the dynamic, transformative potential of integrating digital technologies together with disruptive innovation strategies as applied to law and politics.

The litigation and civic engagement projects were designed to promote common-sense solutions to national problems. Special focus is given to those systemic policy concerns and legal problems that have been recently worsened by the dysfunctional political order establishment.

Hardscrabble from Lower-Arkansas to Harvard, and then Three Law Degrees

At the beginning of each new term, Victor Williams introduces himself to his new students as being from L.A. -- lower Arkansas.

A first generation college graduate from the desolate Delta land of Pine Bluff, Arkansas (B.A., Ouachita Baptist University), Professor Williams taught primary and secondary school before completing graduate work in education and public policy (Ed.M., Harvard University). Studying at Harvard with law-trained faculty first introduced him to the transformative potential of the law.

Professor Williams went on to earn three law degrees (J.D., University of California, Hastings College of the Law; LL.M., Columbia University; LL.M.—Law and Economics, George Mason University).

While in law school at Hastings, Victor Williams worked as a federal judicial extern for U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Gerald B. Tjoflat of the Eleventh Circuit and for U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Joseph Sneed of the Ninth Circuit.

He served for two years as a federal judicial law clerk with the U.S. District Judge Brevard Hand in Mobile, Alabama before moving to Manhattan to begin his law teaching career at CUNY.  

While clerking for Judge Hand in Mobile, Williams first met (now Senator) Jeff Sessions who was U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Alabama.  Williams credits Senator Sessions with educating him as to the high costs of illegal immigration and with leading Williams to the Trump movement.

Professor Williams has lived the last decade in a bucolic neighborhood of Bethesda, Maryland.

He does so wishing that every city in America could have an equal peace and tranquility; he does so praying that Law and Order would become the new normal for all American communities.

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